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      Preserve & Protect with Sprayon Products

      Meeting the Needs of Today’s Industrial Maintenance Professional

      For over 45 years, Sprayon® has delivered reliable, innovative solutions for the most demanding industrial and MRO applications. Our products and programs are developed to meet the needs of today’s industrial maintenance professional. Take a look around... we’ll show you how Sprayon can help your operation become more efficient, more productive, more profitable and how we can help your workforce work smarter, safer, better.

      • Electrical & Electronic Cleaners Electrical & Electronic Cleaners

        Electrical & Electronic Cleaners - EL

        Sprayon is one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers of tested and approved Electrical & Electronic maintenance cleaners. Our extensive line includes plastic safe contact cleaners for your most sensitive applications and degreasers for thorough cleaning of the heaviest industrial soils. High KB values, fast evaporation rates, non/low flammability ratings make our products easy and safe to use.

        EL Products
        Electrical and Electronic Cleaners and Degreasers
      • Cleaners & Degreasers - CD Cleaners & Degreasers - CD

        Cleaners & Degreasers - CD

        Sprayon water-based, industrial Cleaners & Degreasers are highly-concentrated, faster cleaning and can be used safely on a range of substrates. We also offer biodegradeable formulas to protect you and the environment. From light duty clean up jobs to all-purpose floor cleaners, from power washers to heavy grease build-up, there is a Sprayon cleaner that will make your job easier.

        CD Products
        Trusted Cleaners & Degreasers
      • Lubricants - LU Lubricants - LU

        Lubricants - LU

        Sprayon's full line of Lubricants, penetrants, rust preventatives and greases feature wide temperature ranges, extreme load pressure capacities, food grade formulations, and other high-performance properties. Our lubricants are specially formulated for the most demanding manufacturing and industrial lubrication requirements to keep your most valuable equipment running at peak performance.

        LU Products
        Industrial Lubricants
      • Mold Release Coatings Mold Release Coatings

        Mold Release Coatings - MR

        Sprayon Mold Release coatings range from a comprehensive line of non-ozone depleting silicone, paintable and food grade mold releases, to a select line of mold maintenance products. Our products come in dry and wet formulas, cover evenly and consistently, and provide more release cycles over a longer period of time, thereby reducing your need to reapply.

        mr Products
        mold release products
      • Welding Coatings Welding Coatings

        Welding Coatings - WL

        Sprayon's Welding coatings are carefully formulated to meet more specialized maintenance needs. These welding formulas meet tough industry specifications and offer high corrosion resistance across a multitude of applications. They include a complete line of high-quality, high performing Zinc rich coatings and anti-spatters for construction, maintenance and production welding.

        wl Products
        welding products
      • Specialty Products Specialty Products

        Specialty Products - SP

        Sprayon Specialty Products include products for cleaning, degreasing and protecting batteries, engines, parts and equipment. These products protect surface against oils, moisture, acid and alkalis. Our offering also includes high-performance RTV silicone sealants and adhesives, paint removers, insect repellants, wasp and hornet killers, and stencil inks.

        sp Products
        specialty products
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    • sprayon S5 System sprayon S5 System

      The Sprayon® 5S System

      The 6th "S" = SPRAYON

      Employed by the best industrial facilities worldwide, 5S ensures that there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. At Sprayon, we've integrated 5S into the use of our high-performing lubricants & chemicals with the development of the Sprayon 5S System. Standardized, color-coded product labels define what each product is and where it should be used, while visual management point-of-use tools reinforce the product labels’ standardization and clarity and extend it to the shop floor.

      We believe the Sprayon 5S System can help any facility implement or sustain 5S methodology by using our chemicals and lubricants. You might even call Sprayon the 6th S.

    • sprayon Food Grade Program sprayon Food Grade Program

      NSF® H1 High-Performance
      Food Grade Lubricants

      Sprayon's NSF® H1 High-Performance Food Grade Lubricants program was developed to address the specific performance needs of today’s broad and demanding Food Processing environments. Featuring twelve (12) lubricants for specific applications, our program provides heavier load pressures, superior resistance to water washout, lower flammability ratings, and wider temperature ranges all in allergen-free formulations to help keep your operation safely running at peak performance.

      Click to learn more and to order a FREE SAMPLE 12-PACK for you to try out and see the difference for yourself.

      Food Grade Products
    • sprayon Liqui-Sol Program sprayon Liqui-Sol Program

      The Sprayon® Liqui-Sol™ Non-Aerosol Spray Program

      Your Solution for Safety, Storage & Disposal
      The Sprayon Liqui-Sol Non-Aerosol Spray Program features durable aluminum spill-proof refillable/re-usable containers which use no flammable propellants. Used in combination with our bulk formulations, this program eliminates expensive disposal costs, is 100% recyclable and is safe for work and plant environments.

      Liqui-Sol Guage
      Liqui-Sol Badge
    • Sprayon Videos Sprayon Videos

      The "Why Sprayon" Video Series

      Why Sprayon® - NSF® H1 Food Grade Lubricants | Superior Water-Washout Resistance

      • Why Sprayon® - NSF® H1 Food Grade Lubricants | Superior Water-Washout Resistance
      • Why Sprayon® - LU103 Heavy Duty Rust Penetrant
      • Why Sprayon® - NSF® H1 Food Grade Lubricants | Heavier Load Pressures
      • Why Sprayon® - NSF® H1 Food Grade Lubricants | Allergen FREE
      • Why Sprayon® - NSF® H1 Food Grade Lubricants | Superior Aerosol Greases
      • Why Sprayon® - NSF® H1 Food Grade Lubricants | The NSF® Registration
      • Why Sprayon® - NSF® H1 Food Grade Lubricants | Wider Temperature Ranges
      • Why Sprayon® - NSF® H1 Food Grade Lubricants | The Performance Story
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